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MING – Legendary. Innovative.

Written by on October 16, 2017

1. How did you get started in the music business?

I was one half of the experimental hip hop drum and bass duo Ming + FS.   We released four albums and a  ton of singles before disbanding in 2006.  


2. Who or what has had the most influence on your work?

I find most of my inspiration comes from the ocean.   The movement and sound of the waves crashing into the shore fill my head with tons of musical ideas.  I used to find the same stimulation from living in NYC, but these days the ocean has my ears.


3. How has technology changed your work within the last 5 to 10 years?

Hardware emulation, mastering technology, sound synthesis and audio manipulation tools such as Melodyne have made the process of producing much more focussed and streamlined. Technology has made it possible for me to work on an obscene amount of music.     I can jump between producing a rock or pop act to working on my house music to scoring a tv show without having to rewire and recall information that used to take hours to set up.


4.  In what direction do you see house music and electronic dance music moving?

I think music is going to take a little bit of an underground turn as people are starting to move past the EDM sound and are getting more interested in club-ready dirt beats. I hear a reinsurance of classic house sounds fused with future and tech house formats.  Vocals are finding their way back onto the dance floor as well but with a traditional house vibe.  No more big breakdowns and epic builds.


 5. What do you want our listeners and your fans to know about what is coming up for the next 6 months for you?

I’m releasing a song every month to a month and a half these days. “Do What it Takes” feat. Benny Lowe will be out on Blanco Y Negro” this fall, and I’ve got a bunch of club-oriented house tunes coming up with Francis Davila, Victor Porfidio, Will OB, & Losh.