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Eric Redd – Music and Dance Work Together!

Written by on October 4, 2017


1. Eric, how did you get started in the music business?

“Totally by accident. I always wanted to do music, but my first career was dance. Oddly enough, while dancing in Germany I met a producer who partnered me with a songwriter to see if I could come up with some “American sounding pop songs”.  This partnership ended up being heard by the head of Jive Records UK, and low and behold, I was offered a record deal.” 

2. Who or what has had the most influence on your work?

“My work is always influenced by how my body reacts. As a long time dance student and professional dancer, I have always believed if it moves me, something is right about it. Feeling the beat inside you, is involuntary. Something that just happens, so I try to work from that starting block.”

3. How has technology changed your work within the last 5 to 10 years?

“Absolutely. When I started out folks were using ADAT and DA88 machines, which was considered big in the beginning of digital recording. My live show has so much digital in it, and it’s very gratifying to watch how the musicians marry that into analog compared to how people felt about using digital in a live format 5 years ago.”

4. In what direction do you see house music and electronic dance music moving?

“I think it will be natural to see more house and electronic acts doing live touring with actual musicians and not only computers. They are all catching up to each other. I think the time of the Celebrity DJ’s making a million dollars to play a pre- recorded set will come to a close and will have to offer people more of a show. Many of the great unknown vocalists on dance records will finally start taking a step out into the light, and take credit for their work. I think we will see innovators marry symphonies and orchestra instrumentation into the digital dance music world…to create more sounds.” 

5. What do you want our listeners and your fans to know about what is coming up for the next 6 months for you?

“I’m working to give my newer music a more RnB/Disco turn. I think some of the DANCE has been lost in dance music. You still hear it in a lot of the house music being created by the early masters out there. But the EDM mode, lost alot of the funkiness that made folks shake their booty on the dance floor. And some of the new house that come along doesn’t feature vocals that really move you to dance, sing along and feel invested. Even Madonna made us remember the lyric while dancing!! I’m going to be touring alot trying to get bodies out of the shadows and back on the dance floors shaking it!”